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Underwater scene

This is the result of an experiment, the goal was to test out some procedures and study some Blender features I've never used before.
Actually there is a lot of stuff going on here but the main things are:
- fake water caustics
- ocean modifier is a seamless loop
- fish, jellyfish and seaweeds are animated with a simple wave modifier
- fish groups are created using boids particles, following a leader + force fields
- the scene was quickly kitbashed using online resources from Quixel, Sketchfab and Blenderkit
- seaweeds are scattered around with Geometry Nodes.
- rendered with Blender Cycles, the original loop is only 480 frames @ 30fps (16 sec)

Working on this project was fun, I was able to learn several new things that I will definitely need in the future.

Snapshot from the animation

Snapshot from the animation

Loop animation